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Information about Decor-Nation.

The links on this page should tell you everything you need or want to know about Decor-Nation. Click on the balls to go to the section you are interested in. If there is something you feel should be here, then e-mail us with your suggestions.

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Who are we ?

Well, take a look for yourself, we are two handsome cheerful lads from Brighton. Chris is on the left with the baby blue eyes, and Alan is on the right with the cheeky grin.

Friendly or what !

Where do we work ?

We both live in Patcham, so our natural area is within the city itself. However, as you can see from the list of projects we have already done, we do work in other areas as well. That includes London. But, lets be reasonable about this. So, if for example, you live in Yorkshire, then I don't think we can be of much use to you. have a major project you want doing, and can provide accommodation. (If you don't provide it, then we will add the cost to the price of the job...SORRY). However, generally speaking, for any size job, if you are within the boundaries of the map below, then we are interested.

What exactly can we do ?

Well, if you have got this far then you know that we do painting and decorating.
But that's just the start. You will have seen that our major projects involve the complete refurbishment of homes, however, we must stress that no job is too small !
Maybe you just want a bathroom painted, or a living room re-papered.
We will always be interested.
We will happily give advice on ideas you may have for design, what is possible and what maybe a bit too ambitious. We are not "Changing Rooms" and never will be !
We have access to a wide range of suppliers and are never limited by 'trade' materials or colour ranges. If you want it, we will do our best to find it and supply it.
When we come to give an estimate for a job, we will let you know very quickly what the job will cost and what's included in the price. We will send you a detailed written estimate.
If the job is a major project, we will take photographs and produce a detailed breakdown of what we plan to do and a timescale of when we will perform each task.

What if the job is more than we do ?

There are many skills that are best left to specialists that have these particular talents.
However, we don't walk away from these jobs. Nor do we pretend we have the skills and botch the job.
Instead we employ people we have come to trust to work on our behalf.
We have a preferred electrician, carpet fitter, carpenter, floor tiler, plasterer and plumber. These are people we have built up a relationship with and are happy for them to work on our behalf. We would make any arrangements for them to work on a particular job and verify that you are happy with the result.

What hours do we work ?

Our working day usually starts at around 9:00am, however we will arrive on site at a time suitable to you.
We have no specific finishing time and will work to finish a job within the specified time.
We don't disappear for hours on end.
If we need to leave a job, then we will tell you how long we will be away and why.
If the job demands it, then we will work 12 hours a day.


We have both worked in different careers in industry, and on the side developed an interest in all aspects of home improvement over the past 20 years.
About eight years ago Alan started a new business of buying property to renovate, and this has been successful.
Chris started helping in the renovation business 6 years ago and has proved to be invaluable with his skill and hard working.
Now both of us are keen to explore the home improvement side of the business. The project pages show some pictures of the type and standard of work we do.
There are usually one or two projects we can show you if you want to see first hand the work we do.

What will it cost ?

This is the question that everybody wants to know the answer to, but it is so difficult to produce a comprehensive price list.
In principal, we charge on a daily basis. So, we calculate the amount of man-days required to do the job and multiply by the rate, which depends on the work we are doing. Rates vary between 100 and 200 per day. Most decorating tasks are in the 120 - 160 per day range.

OK, I am interested, what happens now ?

That's easy !
Call or E-Mail us, we will make an appointment to come and see you, (which we WILL keep).
We will discuss the job with you, and if possible give you a price there and then.
Otherwise we will send you a written quote within 48 hours, unless the job is what we would call a 'Major Project'. Quotes for Major Projects can take a week or ten days as we have to obtain prices and availability quotes from our suppliers and contractors.
If you accept the quote, then we will make an appointment to do the work for you, and we WILL keep the appointment.
If it is a major project then you will receive a detailed specification of what we are going to do and when we plan to do it. We will discuss this with you to minimise any disruption to you.
When you accept the quote, our terms of business are that you pay 25% of the cost at commencement and the balance when the job is finished. We won't be asking you for any interim payments without prior agreement so long as the specification doesn't change.